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The New-York Rug

The New-York Rug

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Inspired by the abstract expressionist art of Mark Rothko, the New-York rug features a deep blue color that evokes the depth of the nearby ocean and the beige of the Hamptons sand. The result is a stunning design that is both powerful and calming, perfect for bringing a touch of New York sophistication to any space.

This handmade rug is a Premium rug, meaning the wool is weaved in tighter points, creating cleaner-cut patterns than our Classic rugs. The wool has a whiter tone, giving it a more crisp and sophisticated look.

250cm x 180cm

Made-to-order only, send us your wish at to receive your quotation.

The price depends on the chosen dimensions. It is 345€ /m2 (TVA Excluded)

Vacuum your rug once a week to keep it healthy and fresh. You might notice some shedding in the first few weeks, don't worry that's completely normal !

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