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The London Rug

The London Rug

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With a center in a rich curcuma color, inspired by both the UK’s Indian heritage and the openness to a psychedelic acid trip, the London rug is a statement piece that looks exceptional with wooden pieces, in an office for example. The intricate design is both playful and timeless, reflecting the city's openness to innovation and experimentation.

This handmade rug is a Premium rug, meaning the wool is weaved in tighter points, creating cleaner-cut patterns than our Classic rugs. The wool has a whiter tone, giving it a more crisp and sophisticated look.

205cm x 150cm

Made-to-order only, send us your wish at to receive your quotation.

The price depends on the chosen dimensions. It is 345€ /m2 (TVA Excluded)

Vacuum your rug once a week to keep it healthy and fresh. You might notice some shedding in the first few weeks, don't worry that's completely normal !

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