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TAYRI RUG 270 x 150CM

TAYRI RUG 270 x 150CM

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This Berber rug in natural wool is entirely woven by hand using ancestral techniques by a woman in a cooperative in the mountains of the Middle Atlas. All the wool used comes from this region and a rug represents approximately a month of work. As all of our products are handcrafted, each rug is therefore unique and can have irregularities, which is also what makes it charming.


270cm x 150cm x 2cm


You can dust your rug with a low power vacuum cleaner, in the direction of the wool. Be careful not to go back and forth with the vacuum cleaner on the carpet as it would damage the wool.We recommend using a suitable nozzle, without brushes at the end.

Are you falling for this rug but it doesn't have the right dimensions or colors? We can have the rug of your dreams made to measure. You just have to be a little patient. Send us an email at

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