Our mission at SAFAR is to help everyone fall in love with their home and to do it fairly and sustainably.

Through discovering design and looking into our and people's homes, we one day realized that the topic of rugs was a painful one. Rugs are usually either industrial or unaffordable, there are rarely the exact size or color that we want and having one made-to-measure is almost always too expensive.

At the same time, a travel in the Atlas mountains had us rediscovering the art of weaving and meeting some of the women who have been doing it for ever. This was very touching for us and made us realize the power that this tradition had for women looking for independance.

This is where the idea of SAFAR came up and our desire to democratize access to beautiful and sustainable rugs through the direct creation with artisans. This direct contact allows us to remunerate our partner artisans fairly as well as to create made-to-measure. This made-to-order approach asks for a litte patience but allows our customers to create their dream rug by choosing the dimensions, colors and design of their liking, while avoiding over-production as well. Each rug is thus entirely handmade of wool with love and passion.

SAFAR also means travel in arabic, a name that came naturally for this adventure.

" I have always loved decorating my interior with design and passion. And then the interior of my friends and family. I was lucky enough to travel a lot since I was a child. When growing up, what I loved above all, was to bring back little treasures from my travels, as a way to prolong the travel. These had a lot of success among my closed ones, so much that I thought I could also bring some back for them. And why not for other people as well ? What I love in design is the ability to have heterogenous interiors. I love to mix vintage pieces with design, modern and handcrafted ones." Delphine

"I have always had trouble deciding what I wanted to do, I thought of make up artistry, then I thought of law, then I thought of marketing. The common denominator between them ? People : the ones behind a face, a story or a product. Being kind and making people feel valued has always been important for me. With SAFAR, I get to fulfill this love of meeting people through what matters most to them : the passion for carrying the traditions and heritage that are so close to them. On top of that, I think the past few years have shown us how important it is to feel good at home and to love that space. I have a thing for beauty and to be able to bridge beautiful traditions, people and homes in a virtuous circle is something I am proud of." Louise