Two friends, before all, passionate about traveling and interior design. This adventure started during a travel together in the Atlas mountains in Morocco.  

" I have always loved decorating my interior with design and passion. And then the interior of my friends and family. I was lucky enough to travel a lot since I was a child. When growing up, what I loved above all, was to bring back little treasures from my travels, as a way to prolong the travel. These had a lot of success among my closed ones, so much that I thought I could also bring some back for them. And why not for other people as well ? What I love in design is the ability to have heterogenous interiors. I love to mix vintage pieces with design, modern and handcrafted ones." Delphine 

"I have always had trouble deciding what I wanted to do, I thought of make up artistry, then I thought of law, then I thought of marketing. The common denominator between them ? People : the ones behind a face, a story or a product. Being kind and making people feel valued has always been important for me. With SAFAR, I get to fulfill this love of meeting people through what matters most to them : the passion for carrying the traditions and heritage that are so close to them. In a world where we sometimes want to close back to our region and our local traditions, I am proud to be able to share these people’s hard work and art to others who, on top of loving interior design, want to be part of someone’s journey, to continue on their traditions and live from it, by bringing a piece of that in their home, as a token of the richness of our world." Louise

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